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"I swear if I had known what he was…what he had done to all of you then I would have tried to stop it. He murdered my sister, my seven year old niece and my girlfriend." Tara nodded at the other and was happy that Beth believed in Heaven and all that bullshit. Lilly had tried to take her to church numerous times but she was never really one to go and pray. That didn’t mean she didn’t believe though.

"It’s not fine, he was your dad. I lost mine too…Brian beat his head in with an oxygen tank when he turned and tried to bite me.”

As they continued to walk on, she kicked a small pebble along the trail as if to pass the time while carrying on a conversation. Where the hell were they going anyway? “Yeah, sure.” she blushed slightly, happy that the one good thing had lead Glenn back to his wife.

"But we do need to find another camera and take a good picture of Maggie, one that she approves of and won’t burn.” a smirk.


Beth couldn’t stand to hear about her father’s death. Seeing what had happened… seeing how he had died in such cold blood had shattered her heart into a million pieces. The thing that made it even worse was the fact that, the days leading up to his death, she’d hardly seen him. The last time she had even laid eyes on her father, his face looked so scared and so unhappy.

"I said it’s fine," she snapped a little, looking directly into Tara’s eyes. She wanted to get the point across that she really didn’t want to speak about this. "You ain’t gotta’ remind me. I’m sorry about your dad."

She wasn’t quite sure where they were going either, but she trusted Rick and Daryl, who were obviously the group leaders. She took a while to peer over at Glenn and Maggie, followed by Abraham, Eugene and Rosita, Bob and Sasha and then Michonne and Carl. It did seem empty with a few others missing, but she took what she could get right now.

"That might take awhile," she let out a small laugh; "Used to take Maggie a while to find a picture she liked.. she looked flawless in everyone, but Maggie’s a perfectionist." 


And that was that. Chambler knew 100% when someone wanted to drop something and if it was one thing that the Latina was bad at it was keeping her mouth shut. It was none of her business anyway and there was no point in pissing the blonde off about something she obviously didn’t want to talk about. The brunette gave a firm nod and then smirked at the mention of ‘perfectionist’.

Her attention was grabbed elsewhere however the minute the makeshift group started to a halt.

Finally it appeared as if Rick had stopped and Tara threw a glance in Glenn’s direction and then met Maggie’s with a small smile. It was nice to have an older sister around again, may Lilly rest in peace. They seemed to stop in a secluded neighborhood, it didn’t look like the apocalypse had hit the houses too bad so that’s about where Rick stood.

Daryl was already conversing with the sheriff as well as it looked like Michionne was giving some input as well. “Looks like we make camp here.” Tara shrugged her shoulders and then turned back to Beth.

"I’m already eyeing the house with the flamingos on the lawn." trying to make light of a shitty situation.

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{ I try to run away 

        from the past

               I try so hard


                                   m   e   m   o   r   i   e   s

                                                                            ι тяу тσ ƒσяgєт


                   come back to haunt

m e }

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Because mobile accidentally deleted this [home now!]. Ahem, and thank you to my friend who said I have a natural beauty to me, so sweet. <3.
Ahem, late mun day, and today someone said I looked like “The chick from Walking Dead” happy days are happy.

Because mobile accidentally deleted this [home now!]. Ahem, and thank you to my friend who said I have a natural beauty to me, so sweet. <3.

Ahem, late mun day, and today someone said I looked like “The chick from Walking Dead” happy days are happy.

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bigbadgxnger just fucked up your apocalypse.





The redhead’s mouth was dripping with blood and that’s what prompted Tara to go ahead and shoot. Unfortunately there was a bird overhead that made her flinch at its sudden cry and she missed.

"Damn it!"


Ginger barely flinched as the bullet flew passed her, concentrating on the idiot that decided to try and get a shot in. She swiped at her mouth feebly with the back of her hand, trying to look a little less… Well evil.

"What the fuck was that?"


"Y-you can talk?" her olive colored hands had the gun aimed up at the woman’s forehead in no time. "It’s a bullet, you had blood on your mouth. Unless someone knocked you in the face I’d say you were eating something." her  eyes narrowed on her.


Thanks for the alibi sweetheart. Her shark-like smile came easy as she stared down the gun, adrenalin making everything ten times more playful to her. “That’s exactly what happened. Got hit in the face by some weird-ass dude down the road.”


Sweetheart? This  chick was younger than she was. Tara didn’t find any of this amusing at all. In fact she was left rather puzzled and pissed off not to mention shocked. “What are you?” trying to hold her ground. The brunette scoffed when Ginger insisted that she had been physically assaulted.

"Yeah, and walkers wear hats with pink pom poms, bullshit."

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